Monday, July 21, 2014

Luke @ 11 Months Old

Just look at those eyes... He's working on something BIG!  (And it wasn't anything big in his diaper)  Luke's big move to ring in his 11th month was taking his 1st STEP!!!  

Just 3 weeks ago, Luke stood by himself for the first time.  Then, he took one small step on his own! I can't believe how strong he is. 

It must be all the time he spends working out with Daddy! 

Maybe he's so strong because of all the food he's cooking on the grill.

He loves to eat and grunts at us when he sees us eating. He especially enjoys when we share our food with him.

He learned how to drink from a straw this month!  We gave him a baby food pouch and he immediately started sucking. That skill transitioned into drinking water from a straw --- wish I would have thought of that technique earlier! 

He's very vocal about food and uses his signs the most when talking about food.  He can say more please, all done, water, milk, and eat.  He has also been known to sign all done when he's hot and ready to go inside or tired of riding in the car or when he's just had enough of the activity we're doing! 

One thing he can't get enough of --- Daddy and Big Brother! He even enjoyed watching them play water balloon toss at Brendon's work picnic.  

This month, Owen had a few big accomplishments too.  The biggest was finishing his first year of preschool!

We celebrated the first day of summer by playing at Owen's favorite park and splash pad! He chose his outfit (if you couldn't tell).  What's the opposite of a school uniform?! Wearing a character on every piece of clothes --- Thomas hat, Monsters University shirt, Pixar characters on his swim trunks,  and monster socks! It was a good day. 

Now that preschool, MOPS, and bible study are finished for the year, we've been spending more time at home and going to the gym.  Both boys love playing in the back yard pool and eating lunch on the back patio. 

Summer nights have been full of grilling and eating dinner outside! 

Brendon and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on June 9th! We ate dinner at Buddy V's and dessert from Carlos Bakery.  

Luke and Owen have been playing really well together lately.  Luke has always been interested in what Owen is doing, but now he's able to crawl over and be a part of the fun.  

Owen's found new ways to hide from Luke when he needs a break.  He plays Lego at the table or trains behind the baby gate.  I wasn't very excited about having a huge baby gate in the front of the house (but you gotta do whatcha gotta do to keep Luke The Climber safe) and it's made managing the toy war much easier! 

Speaking of The Climber... Luke will climb anything and everything! I turned my head at playgroup and seconds later found him like this--- halfway up the stroller.  Can you guess what he was climbing up to get?  .... The snack tower! 

He doesn't always need to climb up stairs, strollers, packages of drinks, or the dishwasher... he's also perfectly happy climbing IN cabinets! 

The boys and I have been going swimming a lot at our friend's pool or going with Daddy to the pool at the Y on the weekends.  Swimming days = 2 boys napping  Whoohoo!  

The boys' favorite time of day is when Daddy comes home! They both want to wrestle with him.  Luke's internal timer starts going off around 5:15pm and he spends the rest of the day checking on Daddy and calling out "dada" as loud as he can.   

We all missed Brendon during our trip to Shreveport, but had so much fun with Sara Beth, Tristen and their families! 

Traveling by myself with both boys was actually easier than I expected.  I was quite thankful for this little invention.  The "Child Protection Seat" was a real lifesaver! 

The Ergo was my saving grace while walking around the airport (hauling the carryon, kids, snacks, and all the other flying necessities). I held Luke in the carrier during the flight too.  He was the in-flight entertainment the entire flight to Shreveport.  He was supposed to be sitting in my lap, but he was pretty much dancing/climbing/escaping every chance he had.  He also loved playing peek-a-boo with the lady behind us!  Thankfully, the ride home was during nap time so he was asleep almost the entire time! 

It was so much fun for me to spend time with Brandi and Diana.  We kept thinking "Wow! We have 7 kids!"  We've come a long way from being 3 new mommas with one baby each. 

And, look how happy they all are!! 
No really, the trip was amazing and all the kids played together really well.  Getting a picture to prove it was almost impossible! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Luke @ 10 Months Old

Aw, he looks so happy! 

{1 hour later} 

SICK sick SICK as a dog.  
Oh, it was awful! 

I spent the next week sanitizing our house from top to bottom and praying that Luke and I would be the only ones that had to get sick.  Luke was in pain and we could hear his little tummy churn, but he still smiled and laughed.  You can't make this kid unhappy.  He's full of joy, no matter what!  

P.S. How is it even possible that they were this close and Owen didn't get sick, too?!

We needed that stomach bug to hit the road because we had BIG plans --- Disneyland! Owen turned 4 years old on May 4th and we chose a trip to Disneyland over a birthday party.  Technically, he got both {Disneyland plus a donut and banana birthday party at school}.  He's a tricky one! 

Meeting the Mouse!  We got to the park an hour early, went to City Hall to get Owen's birthday button, and waited in the front courtyard for less than 5 minutes to meet Mickey.  It couldn't have been any better. 

Taking a 9 month old around Disneyland and California Adventure was a lot easier than we expected.  There were lots of rides that all four of us were able to go on together... The Tea Cups, Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story Midway Mania, just to name a few.   Owen's absolute favorite was The Monorail!    

Luke couldn't take his eyes off Buzz for a second... not even for a picture!

And, he practically climbed up my chest trying to get back to Woody. 

We packed a bag full of puffs, baby food, and bottles for Luke, but he preferred the pineapple spears in AdventureLand and the Mac N Cheese from The Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe.  

Owen remembered the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream from our last visit and savored every bite! 

Luke and I played in Radiator Springs as Brendon and Owen waited to ride Radiator Springs Racers! Luke was such a trooper.  After spending most of his day in the Ergo, stroller, or being held by Mommy and Daddy, he deserved a little time to crawl around.  There was a quiet little area behind Flo's V8 Cafe that was perfect for the little guy.  One of the cast members even swept the ground in the area he was playing.   

Owen got the big brother treatment during nap time! He and Brendon went swimming the first day and I took him to California Adventure the next day.  While we were there, he was given the full tour of the Trolley Car in California Adventure.  He got to blow the whistle, honk the horn and announce "Trolley On" The conductor took the time to answer all 100 of his questions, too! 

The birthday boy was beyond excited when opening his presents from Grammy & Poppa! Grandma and Grandpa sent him shopping money so he could pick out anything he wanted.  He loved being able to pick out his favorite things!

The hotel water park was so much fun and the perfect size for little ones!

Back at home, we've had just as many fun new adventures and Luke's had lots of new accomplishments! 

Luke's first words were Mama, Dada, and Bubba.  He also says, Wawa for water. We're working on signs for more, all done, please, and thank you.  He smiles as us while we sign to him, but for now, just watches. 

The closest he's come to signing "all-done" was this.  He ended up tossing the eggs in his hands at me and laughing!  That's one way to finish up a meal. 

Owen really likes helping Luke and sharing his puffs.  This was a "one for you, two for me" moment.  But, I appreciate the help, so Owen gets to eat puffs too! 

Luke is fearless! His favorite activity in the entire world is climbing the stairs.  You can't keep this kid off of them.  It's a full time job!  

*The giant baby gate has since been delivered and Luke is completely banned from the front section of the house.  (Owen now uses that space as his office... he does his "work" there and hides any toys that he doesn't want to share!)

The boys love going to The Man Store, aka Lowe's.  This month, Brendon built a tool bench for the garage and Luke tried his hardest to help.  In honor of Luke's favorite things.. TOOLS... his first birthday theme will be a handyman/garage party!  He has a bin full of toy tools and is always holding one.  He even crawls with a tool in his hand. 

This month we also celebrated Mother's Day! The boys spoiled me with sleeping in, breakfast in bed, homemade cards, a day at the spa, and family photos! 

{As if this month wasn't amazing already} David, Jessica, Bryce and Kyle came to visit! 

The "little" brothers are both very quickly growing and we suspect that they'll soon be bigger than their brothers. 

The guys made homemade ice cream with help from all the little boys! 

We beat the heat by playing in the splash pad at the park, too. 

And, resting in the shade! 

Owen's favorite outside game, Water Trampoline, was even more fun with Bryce!