Friday, March 7, 2014

Luke @ 7 Months

And FULL of personality!

The bloopers from this month's photo session crack me up. 

Making people smile is Luke's #1 goal in life.   {Of course} everyone thinks their baby is exceptional, but in terms of social-skills... Luke has the most personality I've ever seen! He's like a little magnet, drawing people in with his huge gummy smile and those "I dare you not to smile back" eyes! This month Luke has had even more opportunity to fish for smiles because we've started letting him ride in the shopping cart and in his stroller (without the infant carrier attached).  He's a solid sitter and can last an entire shopping trip in the buggy.  He likes all the attention! 

Luke tried a few new foods this month.  The most fun were puffs & ribs. Yes, we gave him the bone and let him suck the sauce off. He loved it and had sauce from the top of his head to his elbows!  As we gave Luke the rib, we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves because we never would have given that to Owen at 7 months. Fact is, Owen has still never had a single taste of ribs! I think we missed the window of opportunity and now he refuses to eat them.   

We fit the "Second Kid" Luvs Commercial to a T! (If you haven't seen it, click the link... it's cute!)

Speaking of being a second kid... what's the best part of having two boys? 


He'll probably hate them when he's older, but for now it's so sweet to see him wearing the same clothes that Owen wore.  This is the same outfit big brother wore on his first Valentine's day! 

I love to put the boys in matching outfits.  Luke doesn't have a Lamb of God Preschool uniform shirt, but his navy little brother shirt was a pretty close match. 

We can already tell that Luke loves Owen and wants to be just like him! He couldn't care less about his baby toys when big brother's cool toys are within reach.  

Along with keeping up with Owen around the house... Luke is now learning to swim just like Owen!

This is Luke on his first day of swim lessons.  He was a natural!  The instructor commented on how quickly he started kicking, how easily he adjusted to the water (which can be a weird sensation for babies), and in 3 weeks of lessons he's gone from being the new-kid-in-town to the teacher's pet top-of-the-class! 

Here are a few more pictures of the boys and the exciting things they've done this month... 

I'm still not sure why Owen chose to stand like that in the picture, but he was happy... so I'm fine with it!

Luke enjoyed swinging at the park for the first time!

The weather is perfect here in Vegas, so we decided to soak in a little vitamin D. 

When Luke is outside, you can really tell that his hair has started to grow.  The male pattern baldness has calmed and now the hair is much more even. 

At his 6 month checkup (that was a little late), he weighed 15 pounds 15 ounces (17th Percentile) and was 26 inches tall (40th Percentile).  He's wearing size 3 diapers and has outgrown most of this 6 month clothes.  He's consistently sleeping from 7pm to 5am (if we're lucky... sometimes 6am).  Before bed, he gets a 7 ounce bottle.  Then, we change him and he wears a sleep sack to bed. After reading his book, we place him in his bed and hand him his lovey.  He rubs the soft side and drifts off to sleep on his own. This process has made nap times and bedtime so much easier! 

I'm going to write an entire post about Owen later this week.  He's the best big brother ever and cute as can be! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy {half} birthday, Luke!

 Prepare to be amazed --- Luke grew up this month, big time! 

It's easy to see that he's grown a lot. He's as solid as a rock and I'm sure it's because he's eating like a champ! Each day he takes five (6 ounce) bottles of milk almost exactly 3 hours apart --- and don't be late with the bottle or you'll hear about it!  He eats one grain, a new veggie or fruit and is now eating fruits and frozen baby foods in a mesh feeder. *That's a cool little baby gadget that has a handle on one side and a mesh bag on the other.  It holds foods, allowing Luke to taste them without choking on the solid pieces.

He's sitting up on his own and stays up for a while, slowly sinking down to a full forward bend.  From there he reaches as far as possible to get toys and rolls to get them if they're still too far away.  While on his belly he "swims" --- pumping his legs and arms frantically.   If he goes anywhere, it's backwards.  This is especially cute in the bathtub! 

Our little guy is teething.  He has big white ridges on his gums, drool like a St. Bernard, and bites everything he can get his hands on.   Oh, the drool --- It drips down and completely soaks his outfits.  A bib is his newest accessory!  Those bottom teeth are trying their best to pop out. 

After establishing a pretty consistent sleeping routine, Luke learned how to roll on to his belly while sleeping. (And, simultaneously forgot how to roll back!) That made for a few long nights as he would  end up on his belly and was too tired to do anything about it, except cry.  Eventually, he realized it wasn't all that bad and now sleeps happily on his back or belly.  I don't turn him back over if he's sleeping peacefully, but I would really prefer he sleep on his back.  It just looks scary to see him like this in his crib.

His soon-to-be pearly whites have been doing a number to his sleep pattern.  He cries during the night but really just wants to be held.  After several long nights, he finally started napping and sleeping regularly again.  There was about a week that we were all just plain tired.  He would catnap anywhere, until he realized he was sleeping and then he'd wake up screaming. 

I have tons of pictures of him napping that week because it felt as if he would never sleep again. So, each time he actually did fall asleep, I took a picture! Plus, he's just so peaceful when he's sleeping.  

When he's awake, he loves playing in his car or exersaucer.  He wants to be anywhere that Owen is playing and loves to "talk" --- It sounds more like squawking.  We call him "Scuttle" because he sounds like the seagull from The Little Mermaid! 

We've spent a lot of time at home this month, cleaning up from the holidays and enjoying the emptiness of the calendar. It's nice to relax a little after such a hectic November and December.  

We did, however, have one super-fun trip on our calendar that we couldn't wait for! A trip to Phoenix for the New Year! 

The baby brothers were napping buddies! 

Luke loved laughing with Jessica! He had the sweetest belly laughs when I took this picture. 

While in Arizona, we drove to Williams, AZ to ride on the Polar Express Train. 

Which is... real! 

I'm not kidding.!

Owen LOVED it! Let's face it...  he would sit in an old broken down train car for hours and have fun, but this train actually took us on a ride.  Plus, they served hot cocoa (Owen asked for water! haha), cookies from Mrs. Claus, read The Polar Express book, and drove us up to the North Pole where Santa actually got on the train with us! 

We got an adorable picture of the Raper family in front of the train. 

And, well... 

Let's just say our picture is now in the running for photo of the year! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Luke @ 5 Months Old

On Christmas day, Luke turned 5 months old!  

This past month has been full of so many firsts for Luke --- Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the fun traditions that go with those special days, plus new foods, sleeping at night when he feels like it, rolling from back to front, and doctors appointments.   

Here he is on his first Thanksgiving! 

He loved watching Brendon and Owen squeeze our orange juice for breakfast... even if he didn't get to drink any of it. 

Doctors visits have filled our calendar --- One extremely un-fun ER visit on Thanksgiving eve for a mastitis infection for momma,  a physical for B, ear infection re-checks for Owen (thankfully they've cleared and he's back to normal), and two check-ups for Luke.  We've kept the Nellis Hospital in business this month!

Luke visited the doctor for his 4 month checkup (a few weeks late) and got his second round of shots.  His growth has dropped off his growth curve so the doctor recommended that we start baby food to try to beef him up.  

*Update: Since I'm writing this two weeks late, I can give you an update .... He went back to the doctor for his weight check on January 3rd and had gained 1 pound in the past month! Little guy loved his food and the doctor recommended sticking with the one grain + 2 new foods each week to help add to his diet. 

He got 4 vaccines during his 4 month well baby appointment and was really unhappy about it. But, those shots didn't keep him from smiling! We could tell that he felt horrible all day, but as usual as soon as we'd make eye contact with him, his face would light up with a huge smile!  He took a LONG nap after the shots and fell asleep before 6pm for the next two days.

Luke's second doctors appointment this month was to the cardiologist.  This appointment went perfectly -- His murmur has gone away!  He does still have a small natural hole in his heart that will be monitored until he's 2 years old. It's not uncommon for it to take up to 2 years to close. Even if it didn't, his limitations would be minimal --- for example, he wouldn't be able to scuba dive. But, if that's the worst of it then I think we're good! 

Luke ate his first solids! 

He LOVED cereal --- his first bite was greeted with a smile and he quickly began to like this new meal he gets each day.  He eats his one baby food meal each evening and is quickly carried upstair to the bathtub.  I'm not sure how the food gets spread so far --- all over him, in his eyelashes, his ears, and on anything that's within this reach.  Owen's spot at the table looks perfectly clean when compared to Luke's booster seat {and chair, and floor, and clothes, and sometimes even Momma wears the food too.  Seriously, it's like a party at the dinner table each night!}

We did find the one thing that Luke won't smile at .... green veggies! If they're green, he doesn't like 'em. 

Peas: Yuck!

Green Beans: Oh no, not those! 

Avocado:  No thanks --- what else can I have? 

We'll just keep trying until he decides his likes them.  So far he has really enjoyed... bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, squash, peaches, mango, yogurt, prunes and pears.  His diapers are certainly changing, but the new diet hasn't upset his belly at all. 

For Christmas, Luke even got to enjoy a special meal with us at the table. Nothing says Christmas like sweet potatoes and rice cereal!  I don't think it smelled anywhere near as good as our dinner, but at least he liked it :O) 

This past month, Luke met Santa 4 times! (That's got to be some sort of record. Right?!) His favorite Santa was the one that came to our house during our playgroup Christmas party.  

Luke got his very own Christmas card from Aunt Lori and Uncle Doug.  Owen understood the $10 bill, but Luke preferred the picture of Clark and Clara! 

And, of course, we took about 2,000 pictures of the boys during all this fun! {No. Really. We somehow took 2,026 photos between November 25 and December 25th}   I'll try to post more of our Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years pictures in the next few days.   

Can you tell who is who?